Positive Behavioural Support

prove a person’s quality of life and well-being while reducing behaviours that challenge.

What is PBS?

At Bradbury House we recognise that behaviours that challenge are just another way to communicate. We understand that the people we support use these behaviours to help control their environment when they are unable to communicate their needs.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) offers a person-centred approach which supports people who display behaviours which challenge. The focus is not on how to fix the person or the behaviour but is based on the principle that by teaching someone an alternative, more effective and acceptable behaviour, the behaviour that challenges will reduce. The PBS model advocates that behaviours that challenge are learnt and are a form of communication and are therefore able to be changed.

PBS looks at understanding the reasons behind the behaviour, focusing on the person as a whole and taking into consideration factors such as their environment, health, emotional needs and history.

PBS aims to positively increase people’s skills in being able to seek the attention they need, removing themselves from difficult situations, asked for certain or favoured items/activities or engage in a behaviour which just feels good. In order for these new skills to be used regularly they need to be more effective at meeting the desired need than the behaviours that challenge. Bradbury House achieves this by having a greater understanding of the person, the reasons for their behaviours and by ensuring that the new behaviours we teach are effectively reinforced.

For a PBS model to be truly effective it should be at the heart of any service ethos, here at Bradbury House we strive to achieve this aim by ensuring that our PBS model runs through our training and by having a dedicated team of behaviour specialists trained to at least degree level.

Our Behaviour Specialist team work closely with the person, their care team and other external professionals to create a bespoke plan to help teach that person skills in managing their own behaviour, which in turn leads to more independence and an improved quality of life.
For more information about Positive Behavioural Support services at Bradbury House, please contact:
Steve Toolis (Commissioning Director)
(01275) 331258