Animal Care and Walking the Goats

Walking the Goats is now part of the daily routine in the Animal Care Groups.

Both the Goats and the Service Users seem to be enjoying this activity very much.





The usual Animal Care activities continue…






Cypress Lodge update – December 2017



PW gets into the Christmas spirit whilst helping decorate Willow Cottage:

Peter Chrismas Tree


Priddy Farmhouse update – December 2017


This year’s Christmas party was hosted by Priddy Farm House, lots turned up for the Disco and party food, as well as the visit from Santa. Everyone received a gift from Santa and enjoyed dancing and singing along to the Christmas songs.

Xmas party 4

Xmas party 2

Xmas party 1


Frankie has been visiting Santa during the lead up to Christmas, he has received presents which he has put under his tree ready for Christmas day.

FW Santa visit 1

FW Santa visit 2

FW Santa visit 3

FW Santa visit 4

FW Santa visit 6
We had our first fall of snow this year, making the farm look very picturesque.

Snowy farm view
Frankie made some homemade chocolate chip biscuits, he gave them out to everyone in the house which we all enjoyed.

FW Homemade Biscuits 2

FW Homemade Biscuits 1


The Courtyard update – December 2017



This month saw the build up to Christmas and the festive season.

The Courtyard Service User G.M. cheered on his football team Exeter City when they played Forest Green Rovers in the FA Cup, the final score was 3-3. GM was particularly pleased when Exeter won 2-1 in the replay on 12/12/17.


The Courtyard Service User P.F. attended an organ recital at St Thomas Church in Wells with his church group, he was invited to a Bible Studies Home group party, which he enjoyed greatly. P.F. also went to see the Reindeer Parade in Wells, he particularly enjoyed the lights, Santa and his Elves.

The Courtyard Service User C.R attended the flea market at the Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet.
Winner of Employee of the Month:
Name: All staff were thanked by Management.
Reason: Good all round performance.

Bradbury House update – December 2017



We had a Masquerade party and watched “Frozen”.

peter at chistmas party

Masquerade party

cerie and silly david and martin

Cerie and Dee



We had a lovely time at the Christmas Sing-a-long.

steven is dancing

Louise is singing


Winner of Employee of the Month:
Name: Everyone!
Reason: Because of the amazing CQC report.



The Old Rectory update – December 2017



Christmas tree Decorating:


xmas 2
Christmas lights at the Garden Centre:

xmas lights


Upcoming Event:

Christmas Jumper party and lunch.


Winner of Employee of the Month:
Name: Paul Coles
Reason: For his continued support in the office and on the floor, thank you for everything you do, we couldn’t do it without you.


New Goats and Chickens at the Day Service

We have rescued these animals from our friends at Little Gems.

The ladies from Street Farm are helping to support them and our thanks go to Little Gems for setting this up for us.

The Black and White goat is called Simon, the White goat is called Garfunkel and the Brown one is Brambal.

The three Silkes are settling in well and enjoy free ranging the whole paddock. They have even started to lay again, in winter, which is fantastic.


IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0005 IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0011



Street Farm update – December 2017



Christmas Party season at Street Farm…
Many thanks to all Parents, Staff and Service Users who made The Street Farm Annual Christmas Meal one to remember. A very Merry Christmas to everyone and a very Happy New Year.

Xmas meal 2 Xmas meal 3 Xmas meal 4 Xmas meal 5 Xmas meal 6 Xmas meal 9 xmas meal 13 Xmas meal 14 Xmas meal (2) Xmas meal
Our Service Users have enjoyed lots of Christmas parties on the run up to Christmas:

Bradbury House Christmas Party:

BBH party 2 BBH party 3 BBH party 4 BBH party 5 BBH party 6 BBH party 7 BBH party


Heads Up Party:

Heads up party 2 Heads up party 3 Heads up party 4



Gateway 2 Gateway 3Gateway partyGateway


Our Service Users also went to see a Pantomime – Aladdin at Weston.


Upcoming Event: CHRISTMAS!
Winner of Employee of the Month:
Name: Karen Jones
Reason: for supporting our clients on their holiday to Ibiza, well done.

The Bradbury Broadcast – Issue 3



The magazine is created by Service Users who attend the I.T Group in the I.T Suite every Friday. We hope you will enjoy it. Look out for lots more issues to come!

The magazine can be downloaded using the link below:

The Bradbury Broadcast – Issue 3

Day Services update – December 2017

Employee of the Month:

Name: Rory Smith.

Reason: For his excellent work attending to the animals outside of working hours.