Priddy Farmhouse update – December 2017


This year’s Christmas party was hosted by Priddy Farm House, lots turned up for the Disco and party food, as well as the visit from Santa. Everyone received a gift from Santa and enjoyed dancing and singing along to the Christmas songs.

Xmas party 4

Xmas party 2

Xmas party 1


Frankie has been visiting Santa during the lead up to Christmas, he has received presents which he has put under his tree ready for Christmas day.

FW Santa visit 1

FW Santa visit 2

FW Santa visit 3

FW Santa visit 4

FW Santa visit 6
We had our first fall of snow this year, making the farm look very picturesque.

Snowy farm view
Frankie made some homemade chocolate chip biscuits, he gave them out to everyone in the house which we all enjoyed.

FW Homemade Biscuits 2

FW Homemade Biscuits 1


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